Always, baby.


Good… Kurt Hummel doesn’t share.

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Stitch Us Back Together || Kurtana

Absence was supposed to make the heart grow fonder, but Kurt was finding that maybe the old saying only applied to romance. Friendships were a whole other issue. Ever since Jealousygate 2014, Kurt had done his best to give Santana and Dani the space they needed. Unfortunately, the small rift between he and Santana felt more like a seamstress ripping a perfectly tailored suit right down the middle. Kurt didn’t know if he had strong enough thread to mend it. Still, friendships born from shared experiences could never truly be unfixable. So, Kurt started with something simple. No one could resist his culinary skills, and Santana could never resist his chocolate chip cookies. At her request, Kurt baked a single batch, adding a little extra cinnamon, to go along with the grilled chicken parmesan he’d fixed. Once everything was packed in one of his carrying cases, Kurt took the 30 minute subway ride to Santana’s work. He had sent her a text an hour before, giving her his approximate arrival time. So, when he left the subway, Kurt checked his watch. He was running five minutes ahead of schedule. Venturing down 5th Ave., Kurt clutched his food satchel to his side protectively, then entered the spacious, tri-level H&M. It was bustling with customers, making navigation a little difficult, but Kurt managed to locate their meeting spot and stood, waiting with his back propped against a pillar. 

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Ebony and Ivory Sleepover Extravaganza || Kurtcedes


"Yeah I will, when they ask me who I’m wearing i’m going to be smiling so big and tell them it was you." She said. She had no idea what the future held for her but she could always dream about being on stage winning an award. Since Kurt too Idina’s part of the song, she started singing Tracie’s parts. Getting just as sassy as Kurt was being with his face, she waved her hands in the air getting really into the song. It was one of her favorite one’s to sing with someone and it reminded her of the time her and Rachel had sung it in Glee Club. Though she really loved getting to do with Kurt even if it was just the two of them around. Mercedes laughed along with him as the ended the song, she began waving her hand in front of his face to help cool him off.  "I know, I didn’t realize just how much I missed them until now." She added grinning with her whole face. It was great getting to sit back and just enjoy all their favorite things with one another. "Yes we are, and definitely to making some new one’s. It was about time." She agreed nodding her head as she got a snack too. She copied what Kurt did with his apple by dipping it in the peanut butter. "I have eaten apples like this in a while." She told him, savoring the taste.

"I think one of our new traditions needs to be going to see a show at least once a week." Kurt decided, grinning. "Broadway, Off-Broadway… Whatever we can get tickets to see. And by the time a year is over we can make a scrapbook of all of it." He gushed, snacking on his apple slices. Beaming again at his friend, Kurt licked a bit of peanut butter from his lower lip. "Admittedly, I used to dip Oreos in peanut butter like they did on Parent Trap, but apples are the healthier route and just as delicious.” He nodded, chuckling. “Though, I do have Oreos hiding away… Maybe I’ll get a little crazy tonight.” He added, giggling as his eyes drifted back to the screen. Roger and Mimi were gearing up to sing Without You, prompting Kurt to once again hum along to the music. Admittedly, Collins and Angel were his favorite story line of the musical/film, but he did enjoy the other romantic entanglements. He had tried his best to separate himself from the inevitable meltdown that was around the corner. However, a few short scenes later the reprise of “I’ll Cover You” with only Collins and company had Kurt in tears, his face hidden in Mercedes’ shoulder. “Damn this movie…” He sniffled. 

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The Promises We Keep || Klaine


Blaine moaned and giggled a little bit into the kisses. “Kurt…” he whispered, continuing to giggle as he held his fiancé closer. “Baby…” he moaned a little again, watching Kurt’s face move downwards. Blaine shuddered slightly and licked over his lips. “Kurt…” he repeated, rolling his hips down with another long moan. “Oh…” he whimpered enjoying the way Kurt had decided to wake him up. He shuddered a little. “Please…” Blaine started to beg, nodding at him.

"Blaine…" Kurt mimicked, mouth practically watering in anticipation. He took a few more teasing licks, until he heard the ‘magic’ word from his fiance. Kurt grunted in reply, swirling his tongue across the head of Blaine’s length. Hot, salty liquid coated his taste buds, "Mmm…" Kurt hummed and moaned, swallowing the bit of pre-come, before taking Blaine’s entire length at one time. His eyes stayed trained on Blaine’s face, mouth surrounding the boy’s cock. The only sound from him was a sleepy groan of happiness, his nose pressed to his fiance’s lower stomach, where he nuzzled again.

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Ebony and Ivory Sleepover Extravaganza || Kurtcedes


This song was so beautiful to her, ever since she saw that opening scene and heard it. Something about them standing their with those looks on their faces. She figured Kurt might be thinking the same thing one of the reasons why it made her even more emotional. She kept on singing, making sure to hit the right notes but not overdoing it. She smiled after his lips touched her cheeks. “Thank you.” She whispered wiping at the tear that fell from her eyes. She held onto his hands just like he did her’s as if they would get pulled apart if they let go. “You know it, and after I win my first Grammy I’ll make sure to mention you and then point to you in the audience while I cry.” She said to him as she laughed too. She went back to watching the movie feeling what the characters did as they went through it. Mercedes glanced quickly at Kurt seeing him mouth along to the movie it made her smile to herself. “Always.” She said going on to sing with him.

Kurt knew they were speaking hypothetically about Mercedes’ Grammy, but figured if anyone of their friends had a chance it would be her. He grinned widely. “You had better be wearing one of Hummel Fashion’s designs when you’re up there.” He nodded, humming. Overjoyed that Mercedes agreed to singing with him, Kurt cleared his throat. He took Idina’s parts, singing the notes and lines perfectly, embellishing his singing with sassy facial expressions and over dramatic gestures. By the end of the song, Kurt was giggling and fanning himself. “Oh god… I’d forgotten how much fun musical nights are with you.” He laughed happily. Reaching for the snacks, Kurt grabbed the apple slices and the low-fat peanut butter. “We’re going to have to start doing all of our old traditions and make some new ones.” The brunette decided, dipping a piece of apple right into the jar of peanut butter.

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The Promises We Keep || Klaine


Blaine fell asleep rather quickly. He dozed off, dreaming about his fiancé and slept happily through the night. Kurt’s arms always kept him safe and warm; he trusted him and it was his favorite place to be. He didn’t notice Kurt move away from the bed, still being sound asleep and completely relaxed. The boy hummed quietly in his sleep, still dreaming. Soon, he felt a pair of lips on his skin, accompanied by a familiar voice. “Hmm?” He boy shifted in his spot, blinking, and smiling to find Kurt smiling a my him and kissing him. It didn’t take him that long to completely wake up. “Mmm, oh, hello…” He whispered into the kiss. “Good morning, by handsome love,” Blaine smiled, kissing him more, still light and lazy. “Mmm, I love you…” He nodded, scooting himself closer to Kurt.

"Hi…" Kurt whispered back, nuzzling their noses, stealing a few more sleepy kisses. "Love you, too." He returned, happy, sleepy hums escaping his lips as he tucked an arm around his fiance. His lips trailed down Blaine’s cheek to his neck, where he simply feathered more kisses. "You look so cute when you’re sleeping." He whispered, voice low and scratchy. "I couldn’t resist.." He added, moving his mouth along Blaine’s torso, stopping to nuzzle his stomach. His hand brushed Blaine’s hip, before he pulled the covers down, exposing his boy to him. With Blaine’s cock in full view, Kurt licked from base to tip, watching his lover’s face.

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Surprise me. I really want some of those chocolate chip cookies you make though. I can never make them as good as you no matter how many times I’ve tried. I baked some while you were away for Blaine, I think he might’ve like yours a lot better.


There’s a science to those cookies. I’ll teach you how to perfect them. And despite my recent health kick - I suppose I can make bake a single batch. A little dessert never hurt anyone.

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